Marie – Managing Director

Marie’s been in the hairdressing industry since the tender age of 16.  Marie loves that at Redd, she can make people feel good about themselves in an hour. Marie is always looking for next current treatments to bring to her salon.

Marie keeps fit by skiing, cycling, walking, running and visiting her personal trainer; she will be running the ‘Race for Life’ this year.

At this moment in time, Marie is renovating her house, which she currently shares with her partner and her 2 adorable miniature Dachshunds – Elsie and Dax.

Marie’s secret skill is that she can spray paint a car!

If she won £10 million on the lottery, Marie would:

1/ Secretly put money in her staff’s bank accounts and wait for them to find out.

2/ Holiday in Key West and California.

Marie would love to have round her dinner table: Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Sharon Stone, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell – wouldn’t everybody!

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